Spanish, a foreign language spoken by over 300 million people all over the globe but rarely taught in our schools for one reason or the other. Something so popular is bound to be handy when attempting to cover every continent out there, so here are a few phrases that should help you seem to be a bit more cultured.

  • Hola\oh-la\- Kind of obvious but most locals would prefer you say hello in their native tongue
  • No habloespañol\noh ah-blohehs-pah-nyol\- If the shop owner is rambling in Spanish and you’re not sure whether they’re selling you a souvenir or initiating you into an occult, don’t be shy to say you don’t speak the language
  • ¿Cuánto?\kwahn–toh\- When haggling your way through busy shops you want to pretend you’re a local to avoid rip-offs, which is why it’s necessary to ask ‘how much’ in Spanish
  • TengoHambre\tango ahm-bray\-‘I’m hungry’. Yes expressing your hunger is a crucial aspect of surviving a different culture, followed closely by…
  • Yo no como- \yo no koe-moe\- ‘I don’t eat’ (insert least favorite dish here)
  • Me encantaestepaís\mehen-kantaesteh pa-yeas\- Finally, to win a place in the locals’ hearts, express your love of their country, a sure way to transform from tourist to foreign resident

 By Noha Osman

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