10 Tips for Trekking up Moses Mountain

A few weeks ago we have climbed Mt Sinai (known as Moses mountain) in "Dahab & Moses Footsteps Program" and here are 10 tips I thought they might be beneficial:

1. Start early; try arriving at the foot of the mountain by 12:30 am – 01:00 am to reach the summit before sunrise

2. A jacketis a must; the higher up you go, the colder it is.
*The best tip I have read: dress like an onion; wear a couple of thin layers to trap air while being as lightweight and compact as possible

3. Have a big backpack as you may not need your jackets after the sunrise

4. You have to take snacks but no need to overload your backpack as there are numerous rests (small shack-like shops) located all over the mountain offering biscuits, juices, hot drinks, water and toilets too. Give Bedouin tea with 7ab2 (similar to mint) a try

5. Watch out for camels; they move on a fast pace and never stops unless the Bedouin tells them to. So, you better get out of their way : )

6. Read God’s 10 commandments to Moses in advance. You will be amazed by God’s  orders and prohibitions that define the relationship between man and his Creator, man’s obligations to his family, and commandments that order one’s social life. 
* The Ten Commandments were given to Moses by God at Mount Sinai

7. For a more enjoyable journey, spend some time to get physically prepared as you can see above; the 14 km route is not that easy but no worries whenever you feel tired you can rent a camel 

8. Moonlight and stars are wonderful but flashlights are must

9. Enjoy witnessing and accepting humans’ different ideologies and beliefs. How many places in the world you will find Jews, Christians and Muslims sit and pray together in harmony each worshipping God in his/her own way? 

10. After descending and getting back to mountain foot, yes by now you may be hungry and tired  but do not miss the chance to visit St Catherine’s monastery at the foot of the mountain

By M. Elzomor

Zomor is a partner in Rotana Egypt Travel. You will find him somewhere clambering over rocks, navigating his way down water-filled gorges or sliding down chutes or at Rotana Egypt head-office office planning new trips. But not classical ones; he prefers a small Alpine town to starring up at Paris' Tour Eiffel! 

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