4 Tips to plan your honeymoon

Planning your honeymoon is one of the most fun parts of your wedding plans. You get to take your honey and jet off to practically anywhere! And since it’s very important to plan the perfect trip for your romantic getaway, here are some tips to help you avoid falling into some of the most common mistakes couples make when preparing for that special time.

1. Book early
Lots of couples get caught up in preparing their new home or planning their wedding, they often leave their honeymoon planning till the last minute. If you want to book the best rooms and get the best packages, you’ll need to start early.  In addition to the luxury of having your pick of the best hotel options, plane tickets, and fun programs, you may also be eligible for some early bird packages or discounts. Anyway, you look at it, it’s a win-win situation.

2. Always have plan B 
While a romantic Paris trip or a beautiful Greek island getaway may be your dream destination, things may not always go your way; You may find there are no vacant rooms during the time of your trip, or you/your partner may not get a visa. In order to avoid a meltdown, have a list of destinations you would like to go. That way, you will always have a backup plan to fall back on in case things go awry. Your backup plan typically should be somewhere with less barriers than your first choice, e.g. If your first choice requires a Schengen visa, your second choice should not. Local destinations make for great alternatives to more difficult destinations.

3. Do not follow bandwagon (don’t flock to Phuket just because people do)
So your newsfeed is filled with pictures of everyone honeymooning in Bali or Mauritius, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that those are the perfect destinations for you. You only honeymoon once, so why not make this special time even more special? Try to think outside the box when picking a destination. Countries like Norway, Croatia, Mexico and even a honeymoon in the Alps, make for great alternative destinations. Who knows? You may be starting the next honeymoon trend.

4. Pay attention to the destination’s weather and plan activities accordingly
Thailand sounds like a great honeymoon destination, right? Not if it’s monsoon season. One thing that many couples forget is that the weather in their home country is not necessarily the same as their destination. For example, if your destination is in the Southern hemisphere, their winter is your summer and vice versa. Also, some areas have periods where the weather is particularly violent, like during monsoon or hurricane seasons. So always check the general climate of the area you are planning on going to, as well as the forecast for the days you will be there.

Nora Badawy
Nora is a Pharmacist, writer, crazy cat lady and sarcasm extraordinaire. When she is not working in the lab or writing, she spends her days drinking coffee, watching series, reading or daydreaming. Her mission is world domination through the written word.

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