5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Croatia Immediately

Calling all traveling enthusiasts! If you love natural scenery, Game of Thrones and music, then bump up Croatia to the top of your destinations list! This beautiful Eastern European coastal country has become an increasingly popular destination for travelers all over the world and here's why..

1. Nature
The natural beauty of Croatia is astounding, as it is by the mesmerizing turquoise Adriatic sea. There is a lot to explore in this crystal clear surreal waters.
You can discover amazing hidden caves, where you can go cliff jumping into the emerald colored water. Look for stunning secret beaches, which are one of the most beautiful in the world with its white sands. Visit National parks, the most famous is the Plitvice Lakes National Park which is under the UNESCO heritage protection where you can witness the breathtaking waterfalls and wonderful blue lakes.

2. Sailing 

The best part about all this scenery, is you can get to see explore it if you rent a boat! For the best experience, a boat can be rented to roam in the sea. This also gives you a chance to explore a few of Croatia's islands which are over a thousand.

3. The Music
The music scene in Croatia is unbelievable, and it is now becoming more and more known for its musical festivals such as Ultra Europe and Fresh Island festivals and many more. It has now become a sought out country for popular DJs and several music artists, so if you're into music festivals, Croatia is your haven.

4. Game of Thrones
For all the Game of Thrones fans out there, Croatia is a must visit for you. Home to several locations, walk where your favorite characters have walked before in King's Landing in the series' famous Red Keep and Black Water's Bay, and in Mereen. This country is a GoT heaven on earth. 

5. The History
Finally, the history fanatics will not be disappointed. Croatia is home to many diverse touristic sites, ranging from ancient medieval to well preserved Roman ruins like the UNESCO-protected walled old town of Dubrovnik. Feast your eyes in a hike in these ancient old towns and ruins, and absorb the history of the country.

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By Haya Amer

Haya Amer is a Political Science student who expresses herself better with written words rather than spoken ones. She is a full time film geek and cannot spend a day without watching a film, in any language. She is a coffee addict and has an unhealthy obsession with Game of Thrones. Her dream is to see every corner of the world.

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