5 Tips U Should Know Before Traveling to Bali

Egyptian Travelers always have a travel trend. Firstly, it was Paris, then Barcelona and nowadays Bali is on-top-of-list. So, we thought to share some tips.

Tip #01 Plan activities as per your Accommodation Location

Bali is a big big island and sometimes it takes 2-3 hours to move from 1 area to another so plan carefully the activities/tours as per your accommodation location
If your accommodation duration is divided between Seminyak area and Ubud area then there is no point to book rafting during your accommodation in Seminyak.

Tip #02 Use “Blue Bird” taxi 
This is the cheapest most reliable metered taxi. Not to be confused with “Blue Biro” one

Tip #03 Read carefully where you are going and what to pack in advance
For example: 
If you are into nature, then visiting a couple of Bali’s amazing waterfalls is -a-must. There are numerous waterfalls in Bali and some of them require a stroll through water (some sort of trekking in a river) and passing by slippery rocks, so in this case you should pack a swimsuit and water shoes to get a grip on slippery rocks and protect your feet.

Tip #04 Do not miss sunset view in Ocean-view Restaurants/Beach clubs

In those restaurants, it is not about the food but the view. Ocean view is just divine.
 The best restaurants with a view are located in Uluwatu area (about 2 hours from Seminyak). In this day, preferably hire a driver to wait for you and take you back

Tip#05 Visit islands around Bali

Bali is fabulous but near-by islands are incredible as well

Some islands such as Lembongan, Nusa Penida & Gili Island are all accessible from Bali and I highly recommend to, at least, spend a day in any of them (ok Gili maybe 2 days). Make sure to book activities in these islands in advance otherwise you will feel lost. 

By M. El Zomor
Zomor is a partner in Rotana Egypt Travel. He always believed that traveling generally heals the soul but recently he realized that trips' new experiences widen one's limits. So he is started to cross off his outdoor activities bucket list that was covered with mind-numbing routines. The problem is that "The list is always growing" : )

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