5 reasons to travel alone at least once every 3 years

For some people traveling solo may sound like a dream, to others a nightmare. However you look at it, there’s no denying the many benefits that come with traveling on your own. Some things are obvious, like learning independence and gaining a confidence boost, others may reveal themselves through experience, and they increase the more you travel by yourself. That’s why traveling alone once isn’t enough; Here are 5 reasons why you should travel alone at least once every 3 years:

1. You’ll meet someone new
That person is YOU. This is even more true if you don’t normally spend much quality “me time”. Being alone in a new place forces you to get to know yourself again. It can be quite liberating, and maybe you’ll be surprised with what you find.

2. You can be anything you want
Being in a new place where nobody knows you gives you incredible freedom to explore things that you have never done before. Nobody knows you, and you’ll probably never see these people again, so long-term embarrassment is not an issue. So go ahead, be as silly as you like, and experiment with all the things you were too afraid to do before. You’ll find the thrill of it quite addictive.

3. Freedom
You can go wherever you want, whenever you want. The planning will be easier and your budget will be more than enough to do all the things that interest you. And the best part, you don’t have to compromise. If you want to go to that museum that your friends may think is boring, or do that crazy activity that no one else is up to, go for it! There’s nobody there to stop you.

4. Learn how to make friends
Being out of and away from your comfort zone, you’ll have to rely on your social skills to get by. That’s when you realize how rusty you are. But not to worry, solo travel is an ideal opportunity to practice your charms. Who knows? You might also pick up a few new skills along the way.

5. Develop your inner detective
Out of necessity, you learn to read people better. Is that person in front of you trustworthy? Maybe that souvenir shop owner is trying to cheat you, or maybe that intimidating guy is actually a nice person. The more you travel alone, the more time you have to observe people, and that makes you better at reading their emotions and intentions. This is a great asset to have in life, and it will benefit you greatly when you get back home.

By Nora Badawy

Nora is a Pharmacist, writer, crazy cat lady and sarcasm extraordinaire. When she is not working in the lab or writing, she spends her days drinking coffee, watching series, reading or daydreaming. Her mission is world domination through the written word.

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