6 Reasons Croatia Should Be 2017 Summer Destination

Whether you are a nature lover, history geek, fantasy fan, party animal or adventure maniac, Croatia will always find a way to grab your attention. No matter what kind of traveler you are, this exceptional European country promises to fulfill your needs and satisfy your wanderlust. It’s the perfect combination of cultural centers, beautiful beaches, and Stone Age sites. We have been there and SO SHOULD YOU. And here is why:

1- Croatian beaches define “escapism” at its best

If you truly seek to find relief from all the unpleasant realities you are surrounded with, the seductive sandy shores of Croatia will be your ideal sanctuary. Situated on the Adriatic Sea, the white pebbly beaches blending with the clear turquoise water are indeed a piece of art. You will wish you had all the time in the world to read a book, try some relaxation yoga, and swim freely as the sun rays tickle your skin.

2- Seven of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites lie within its borders

Every Croatian corner screams of history and natural beauty, but seven sites have become of an outstanding universal value. The most popular Plitvice Lakes is a must-see phenomenon. The 16 blue-green lakes that are arranged in upper and lower cascades, separated by natural rocks, and laced together by waterfalls are only a part of a huge national park that protects rare species of birds and animals.

3- Dubrovnik & Split: Home of Game of Thrones

Croatia is an earthly paradise for all the fans of HBO's epic fantasy series Game of Thrones out there. Dubrovnik, with its medieval walls right on the coast, has been a convenient filming location for the popular series. Strolling around the streets of Meereen (in Split) and King’s landing will be the cherry on the top of your trip.

Because Zagreb!

The lively capital has it all.
From century palaces and ancient cathedrals to modern cafes and restaurants, the city casts an indescribable effect on its visitors. Its enchanting spirit will keep haunting you and asking you to come back someday and indulge in a delicious seafood meal.

5- Live music is absolutely magical

Anyone who appreciates art and values fine-quality music will certainly enjoy Croatia’s open-air concerts. Its numerous islands constantly host international music festivals those are energy boosters. They will leave you out of breath and keep you on your feet all night long.

6- It’s your golden chance to break through the traditional Euro trips
You typically hear people talking about the glamour of Paris or the beauty of ancient Rome, but only the unique daring ones will tell you about their once in a lifetime experience in Croatia, a city that should never be overlooked or underestimated.

The Ultimate Tip
Richen your traveling experience with all the treasures and diversities that Croatia could offer. Get your passport stamped and set the expectations bar high because we know that this country will never disappoint you
& don’t forget your swimming suit!

By Yasmine Mamdouh
Yasmine is a pharmacy graduate, a science teacher, writer, traveler, charity enthusiast, and above all a chocolate addict. She is a combination of too many interests that none of which her major offers. Driven by passion and the utter desire to inspire others, she is still looking for a career that makes her exhilarated to wake up every morning. She has a bucket list in one hand and always a book in the other

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