7 traveling tips I wish I knew 7 years ago

1. Don’t travel to the same destination twice
Unfortunately, I have traveled to numerous destinations for a couple of times. Usually, the reason was that one of my friends has not been to that destination and he wants to. 
When I think if I had not been to that destination again, I would have covered at least 20 new destinations instead.

2. Book full program with tours
Traveling and waking up aimlessly sometimes is enjoyable but booking a full program with activities those suit you is another level. 
*My recommendation for next winter, “Alps Skiing Program”.

What fits me does not necessarily fit you so know what type of traveler you are, from here.

P.S DON'T BE THE FIRST TYPE "The Conformist"

3. Book at least 3 months in advance
Looking back at the last 7 years and calculating how much money I wasted in booking last minute trips that would have nearly granted me 2 extra trips

4. If you are doing the same, do it differently
Well, if you are following the bandwagon for some reason and traveling to Barcelona but you are not into art and architecture, what is the point of visiting Gaudi’s work!
Barcelona is 1 hr from Ibiza, Barcelona has awesome outdoor activities at the outskirts of the city, and Barcelona is near to Menorca city (Spanish Venice version) and the list continuous..

5.The so calledhidden gems are reallygems
I consider opting for more mainstream cities is a mistake. If you can afford a trip to Europe and choose Rome over Amalfi Coast that is a mistake.

In my opinion:
French Riviera > Paris
Amalfi Coast > Rome
Hallstatt > Vienna
Split > Zagreb
Palawan > Phuket
Capri Island > Ibiza
Cancun > Miami

6. When you are broke don’t stay at home, discover Egypt instead
Most of us don’t know Egypt quite good (including me)
Other than beautiful well-known spots such as Gouna, have you been to?
a. Wishwash Canyon
b. Arada Canyon
c. Kharaza
d. Siwa Oasis
e. Sannur Valley Cave
f. Ras Banas

A new experience guaranteed + affordable rates are a bonus.

7. Utilize offers and payment options
Maybe payment options were not that easy before but with banks making life easier with installments programs, now we can travel and pay the trip on 12 months.

*For Installments program details, click here

By Muhamed Elzomor
Zomor is co-owner in Rotana Egypt Travel. He is that type of guy who has few words in his dictionary but thousands of ideas in his mind.
Zomor is 
travelling, learning and thinking all the time to find the answer; why God created him?
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