We sat down with Heba, a young Egyptian traveler, to get more insights of her opinion about traveling and why Egyptians traveling frequency is rising year after year.

Hello Heba
Heba: Hi

We know that you are a frequent traveler, we have some questions those may benefit fellow travelers
Heba: Yes, sure.

Firstly, how many places have you been to outside Egypt?
Heba: Leaning back and recalling where I have been to is my favorite part. I have been to 6 cities in Asia &11 cities in Europe.

Have u ever regret travelling to a new destination?
Heba: No, Never. What would cause the regret? Discovering the world has nothing to regret. Every time you go to a place you find something new and learn something new. You find the diversity of this world and how God created things differently. You get to see different cultures and how the circumstances of an environment shape the mentality of its people. It enriches you. Every new place I head to I get so excited to explore. Even if you head to a destination and it seemed not that interesting or special to you, yet you unveiled a new part of the world.

As we know you have been to many cities in Europe, do they have the same spirit and culture?
Heba: Not at all. Every place has its taste. You can find 2 neighboring countries have the same culture and spirit and you can find 2 neighboring cities extremely different. You can never say that Rome the city full of life, is the same as Venice the most peaceful and relaxing.

If you believe in the saying “Traveling has 7 benefits”, can you name the most vital 3 of them?

Heba:  Well..
1. lifting the veil from our eyes to see God's creation
2. Learning to accept others & adapt to new or unexpected circumstances.
3. Problem Solving and how to manage unplanned changes.

In your opinion, why do Egyptians travelling curve is rising?
Heba: When a baby is born, his first passion is discovering the things around him. It’s part of us, we want to discover a bigger world than where we live. Also people are getting more aware than they used to be, they know how much it is important to go out of their usual community especially after the internet became a part of our lives and the new trend is going out of your comfort zone as well. Lastly, a picture will never be enough for your eyes to satisfy.

Heba, when you are selecting your next destination, what criteria let you choose the destination?
Heba: The activities that can be done there or the sceneries that I have been dreaming to see. I wasn’t lucky enough before to choose based on the weather or being with my family for example. Imagine when you go to Disney land and then it starts to rain or when you go to China’s great wall and find it foggy, but time after time you learn how to get adapted and enjoy no matter what.

Lastly, what is your next destination then?
Heba:Uhm…I didn’t decide on it yet but maybe continue my Far East trips or see what Africa holds for me.

Thank you Heba and wish you dazzling trips!

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