"Be it known that we, the greatest, are misthought."

Day 1  

 Welcome in Cairo!
Wake up, fly, have your dinner in the sky and arrive safely. You will be met after passing through passport control by a representative and you will be escorted to the exit of Cairo airport through the baggage claim and customs. Then we will provide you a transfer to your hotel. You will stay two nights in Mena House Oberoi Hotel.

Day 2 
 Egyptian Museum – Giza Pyramids
Morning, there will be a visit to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The building, designed by architect Marcel Dourgnon, Built in 1902. Egyptian museum displays on two floors a grand total of 120,000 exhibits and also has on its front a large sculpture garden. The highlight is the grave treasure of Tutankhamun with the famous mask. 
In the afternoon you will visit the only surviving work of the seven ancient wonders of the world; the Great Pyramids of Giza. During the tour you will visit three famous pyramids on the Giza Plateau: 1) the Great Pyramid (Pyramid of Cheops) - it is the only surviving of the Seven Wonders of the World -, 2) the middle pyramid (Pyramid of Chephren) and 3) the Pyramid of Menkaure and built for the princesses and queens smaller pyramids. Your guide will provide you information on current excavations and discoveries at Giza, and also explains the latest theories on the mystery of the Sphinx. Optionally, you can also enter inside the pyramids, please note that access to each of the three pyramids of Giza, a fee is charged. After this exciting day of sightseeing you will return back to the hotel. 

Day 3
Monument of the great Ramses
Early in the morning, you will be transferred to Cairo airport and you will fly to Aswan. Then, arrive at the airport of Aswan and your German language quality tour guide will be waiting you  to join you on 290 km bus transfer to Abu Simbel. Finally at the destination, we will visit the colossal statues of Ramses II, the Pharaoh at the border of his empire was built as a memorial of victory. Abu Simbel is also regarded as a marvel of modern technology, because by the construction of the High Dam threatened the plant to disappear beneath the waves. In three years of work, the entire complex was dismantled stone by stone and moved to a higher location.
In the evening, you will have the opportunity to experience a sound and light show (about 40 €). This will be the taste of the great Ramses. Then we move into our comfortable cruise ship. Three nights on board.. 

Day 4
Amada & Ed-Derr
Photographers should get up early today - shortly after sunrise, the facades of the temples of Abu Simbel are in the best light. The ship weighs anchor - we slowly glide across Lake Nasser. Your cruise ship sails initially Kasr Ibrim by Amada, where you will see a well-preserved temple from the early New Kingdom, which even many professional connoisseurs in Egypt has not yet visited! Ed Deir is a small rock temple of Ramses II, not far from the grave of the Nubian governor finally Pennut from the 20th Dynasty. Now, the ship has just anchored off Wadi el-Sebua.

Day 5
Wadi Sebua and Ed-Dakka
After breakfast on board you will see the Temple of the Sun God in Wadi el-Sebua where argued Ramses have been represented as a god. In Dakka, still left the Roman Emperor a temple for the God of Scripture and culture, Thoth, expand. Even the small temple of Maharakka was saved from the waters of the dam and moved to its new location. In the evening we reach Aswan, the capital of Nubia. 

Day 6
Nubian Temple
After disembarking in Aswan, you will visit the Temple of Kalabsha, which was dedicated to the Nile god. In the Temple of Beit el-Wali you will discover historical accounts that portray the world at that time. Along the way you can see the build under President Nasser Nile dam. 
Time to be transfered to Pyramisa Isis Iceland Hotel. An exotic resort on an island in the middle of the Nile near the center of Aswan, 28 acres of landscaped gardens with magnificent views of the Nile, mountains and Aswan city here. Two nights in Hotel LTI Pyramisa Isis Iceland.

Day 7
Island of Philae & Unfinished Obelisk
In the morning we make a trip to the famous island of Philae, the main cult of the goddess Isis, who was worshiped here till the Roman period. The actual island of Philae, had sank in the waters of the reservoir, but all the temples were rescued and rebuilt on Agilkia Island again. On the way back we will get once again amazed by an unfinished Obelisk - unbelievable 1200 tons - still lies in the quarry! The rest of the day is at your leisure. 

Day 8
Nile Cruise from Aswan
Morning is yours. In the afternoon, relax on your cruise ship MS Sunrise Select Semiramis (or equivalent). In the evening, we will leisurely sail to Edfu. You will have dinner and an overnight on board.

Day 9
Temples & Myths on the Nile
You will visit the Temple shared, which was dedicated to the falcon god Haroeris (Horus) and the crocodile god Sobek. Each structural element is present twice: on the facade two portals lead between two double rows of columns to two chambers and sanctuaries. Right of the temple entrance is the unusual small chapel of Hathor, with many mummified crocodiles in honor of the god Sobek. Then, we will continue our river trip to Luxor. You will you dinner and an overnight on board. 

Day 10
Temple of Karnak and Luxor 
In the morning, we visit the Temple of Karnak, one of the largest places of worship in the world. In addition to, famous monuments like the Sphinx Avenue, the giant pylons, the Hypostyle Hall and the towering obelisks. Our interest mainly applies the reliefs on the temple walls, recounting life to the Pharaonic period. Then we enter the imposing remains of the Temple of Luxor and study among other things how Christianity appropriated the temple. You will have dinner and an overnight on board.

Day 11
Hatshepsut & the Valley of the Kings 
When the sun rises, we are already on the way to Thebes-West, the necropolis of the pharaohs. In the Temple of Hatshepsut, we encounter the only "woman Pharaoh" of the story. What about the role of women in Egypt today? The Valley of the Kings, necropolis of the pharaohs, is a treasure house of archeology; the ancient Egyptian kings spared no expense in decorating their graves. It's good that we are traveling in a small group - very well looked after by our guide!

In afternoon, you will be transferred to your hotel. It is high time to swim, dive, sail, play golf - you have the choice of countless recreational opportunities. 

Day 15 
Massalama ... Unfortunately, it is time to say goodbye 
Early morning transfer to Hurghada airport for your return flight via Cairo. 

*According to your arrival date, hotels and ships may differ and accordingly the facilities and equipment may be different from the description above. 
*Since some trips start on different days and the ships have their own timetables, it may lead to changes in the order of Nile cruise program. The program content will remain and all visits to the sights described are performed.

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