A. For Foreigners Visiting Egypt            B. For Egyptians Travelling from Egypt                                                                           

                                                A. For Foreigners Visiting Egypt

Q1: What are Egypt’s Visa procedures?
A. Depending on your nationality, rules and procedures can differ. So, please send us an e-mail stating your nationality to provide you an accurate answer.

Q2: Is there any special dress code expected to avoid offending locals?
A. Most of Egyptians tend to wear a conservative dress code but this does not apply to visitors. Despite this fact, a definite demureness is still expected, especially in religious sites (e.g. mosques and churches). 

In mosques: 
For both genders; it is expected to take off your shoes and to be put in a plastic bag. 
For women, it is expected to cover your hair and generally wearing conservative bashful clothes. 
For men, shorts are not allowed except if they cover the knees.  

Q3:  When is the best time to visit?
A: It depends on two factors: 
 1) where do you want to go?
 2) What activities are you willing to do? (E.g. diving, sightseeing, and cruising). 

Generally speaking the best time to visit is between October and April. 


                                                                  B. For Egyptians Travelling from Egypt

Q1. What is the average time of obtaining Schengen Visa?
A. It takes on average 2 weeks from the interview's date.  

Q2. What are the requirements of Schengen Visa?
A. Please note they differ slightly from one embassy to another 
 1. Passport (valid at least 6 months after the expiry of visa) + photocopies of the passport and all Schengen visas in it (Passport should have at least 2 empty pages for Visa/ Permit Stickers/ Other Stamps)
 2. Old passport (if you had) + photocopies of the passport and all Schengen visas in it
 3. Bank Statement in English showing transactions during the last six months from the interview appointment
- If it is father's account, then "Parent's Authorization Letter" should be signed by father, stamped by bank and
accompanied with birth certificate.
If it is mother's account, then "Parent's Authorization Letter" should be signed by mother, stamped by bank and accompanied with birth certificate.
 4. Two recent photos (white background) 
 5. For students: proof of enrollment in school/university in English
 6. For employees: HR letter in English
 7. For company owners: Original commercial registry and tax card with an original 
translated copy for each 
 8. Round trip flight tickets
 9. Hotel reservation proof
10. Travel insurance covering the intended period of stay
In some cases:Movements Certificate from Mogamma + A original translated copy
12. Embassy Application filled in with correct information
13. For minors: Parents' Approval Letter
If minor is travelling with one of his/her legal guardian: approval of the parental authority (parents not travelling with his/her minor child) or legal guardian should be provided either through an notarized certificate, in addition to translated marriage certificate
15. National Identification Card
*All translated documents should be stamped from a translation office authorized by the embassy.
*The embassy has the right to request further documents.
*Visa approval or refusal depends on embassy discretion.
*Travel Permit for males who are in the age of conscription should be provided to the airport officer
**Please provide us with the documents minimum 3 working days before the embassy interview appointment

Q3. Can I enter London with Schengen Visa?
A. No, Schengen Visa does not apply for the United Kingdom. You can apply for UK’s visa separately.

Q4. Do you guarantee that I will obtain Schengen Visa?
A. There is no guarantee, but usually as long as the documents are complete, up to date and accurate, there is no reason for rejecting it.

Q5. If I did not obtain Schengen Visa, can I refund the Visa fees?
A. Unfortunately Visa fees are non-refundable.

Q6. Can I design a trip myself, or should I stick to the readymade offers in the website?
A. Certainly, we are specialized in tailor-made offers; you can design your trip through "Do It Yourself" section.

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