Heart of Europe

Do you know which city came in second in Conde Nast Traveler’s ‘Top 25 Cities in the World?” If you spontaneously say Rome, Barcelona, Paris or even party central aka Prague you would be mistaken. The honor goes to the Hungarian capital, Budapest. Most travelers wouldn’t choose Hungary as their number one destination, opting for a more mainstream country where they would stumble upon an endless stream of Instagram-worthy selfies posing as pretend hipsters. But to be a true hipster, you’re better off abandoning the congested trail and discovering the wonders of Eastern Europe.

The question is, what makes this city so great? Is it the musical splendor of the Budapest Opera House, the soothing warm waters of Széchenyi Bathsor perhaps it is the fairytale feel that weaves its way through the streets of the city. Well, it is all of these, it is the breath-taking raw beauty that is a result of hundreds of years worth of history, beautiful architecture, culture and of course the best that nature has to offer. Beyond the realm of castles, churches and bridges is a city oozing with culture engulfed in calming splendor. 

Here is a tiny glimpse of things to enjoy in majestic Budapest:
• Walk or cycle across the Chain Bridge overlooking the Danube River
• Tread up to Castle Hill where time loses meaning as you take in the picturesque    scenery
• Venture into Budapest’s oldest part, Obuda, for an authentic plate of Goulash with  the locals
• Take a leisurely walk along Királyutca, the booming hub of non-cliché shops and  galleries
• Rent a party bus and dance the night away like a rock star
• Cruise along the Danube with edge in a speedboat

For the fearless adventurer, grab a map of the city and let your feet take you where they will. You won’t regret it!

P.S. In case you’re wondering, first place went to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico 

By Noha Osman
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