How are you wasting your money in trips without noticing?

Here are 3 ways you are wasting your money in trips without noticing:

 1. Booking last minute

Lack of planning is a problem many of us suffer from, we neither plan for next summer in winter nor for next week today. Times and times again these real cases occur such as not finding appointments in the embassy, not finding good economy flight rates, no availability in good city center hotels, etc.

Our advice is to book 4 months ahead of travel date. Plan ahead, save money, Enjoy!

  2. Traveling in high season

Here are 2 examples:

I. Travelling in Christmas Period
We all want to head to Europe during Christmas, so the best time to be there is 24th of December, isn't it? NO, this is one of the worst decisions you will ever make in your life, why? 

a. Rates are extremely high in this period 
b. Christmas markets are there from late November / beginning of December
c. Most of the stores are closed as 24th December is a holiday

II. Travelling after Ramadan
 In the last couple of years, we used to flock to Europe right after Ramadan, nevertheless, Europe in August is the same Europe in September; the only difference is that you can save yourself a couple of thousands plus a better weather.
Moral of examples: Travel off-season (just a few days/weeks off the plan)

 3. Visiting a city without really visiting it
Some travelers visit a city for the sake of visiting it or actually for the sake of bandwagon

I am heading to Paris (inner voice: heading to Eiffel Tower and Disneyland)
I am heading to Barcelona (inner voice: La Ramblas and Camp Nou)

We have to know that Paris is NOT Eiffel Tower and Barcelona is NOT La Ramblas and Europe is NOT France, Spain and Italy. When we visit a city we have to explore the city’s hidden gems and beautiful outskirts or, at least, consult a travel consultant if we are not aware of them.

P.S. Resist bandwagon effect

To sum up here are 3 rules for traveling
1. Book early
2. Travel off-season
3. Explore new experience every time you travel

by a traveler 

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