Ramses II (Cairo Dahabeya)

"I'm the morning and evening star, I'm PHARAOH!"
argued ~ Ramses II

2 days Marriott Mena House Cairo
Cairo / Egypt

2 Days Sofitel Winter Palace Hotel / (Luxor)
Luxor / Egypt

5 days sailing cruise with the Dahabeya Om Kolthoum O.A.
Sailing cruise from Esna to Aswan / Egypt

Important note: The following tour description describes the accommodation and the bookable excursion package. If the excursion package is not booked, do not take part in the listed excursions and only book accommodation and meals on the boat and in the booked hotels!

Amelia Edwards, who toured Egypt in the winter of 1873-1874, clearly praised the merits of a Dahabeya over other Nile vessels in her book, "A Thousand Mile on the Nile." Choosing a Dahabeya and a steamer is like choosing a stagecoach or a stagecoach Railroad. One is expensive, leisurely and enjoyable, the other cheap, fast and comparatively bleak. Those who are content to catch a glimpse of the Nile will undoubtedly prefer the steamer. "

On this other type of Nile cruise, you will encounter the people who live by and with the river, as well as the unique culture on both sides of the big river, so to speak, "at eye level". We offer a "real" Dahabeya, which has no own engine on board - wind and water set the pace. Calmness and serenity determine the atmosphere on board. You can not experience the Nile in a more beautiful way than on a cozy Dahabeya whose sails are not used for decoration.

[Day 1 / arrival]
Welcome to Cairo

Upon arrival in Cairo you will be met by your EnglishGerman-speaking tour guide before the passport control and will be escorted to the hotel after completing the immigration formalities.

[Day 2 / Day 1 Cairo]
The Pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum

The pyramids of Giza are visible even from space stations. The more overwhelming the impression when you are in front of it. As the only surviving building from the Seven Wonders of the World, they are among the oldest cultural assets of humanity. For you as a traveler, the visit to the Giza High Plateau begins the journey back in time to perhaps the most legendary high culture of our planet. The pyramids are located a few kilometers from Cairo on the western edge of the Nile Valley, right on the Pyramid Road (Sharia el-Ahram). We visit the Great Pyramid (Pyramid of Cheops), the Pyramid of the Middle Pyramid (Pyramid of Khafre), the Pyramid of Mykerinos and the pyramids built for princesses and queens. Your guide tells you expertly about current excavations and discoveries and explains vividly and exciting new theories on the secret of the Sphinx. The opportunities to visit the interior of one of the great pyramids often change at short notice. If the option is given (optional), an additional fee will be charged.

The Egyptian National Museum is located in downtown Cairo. It is the world's largest museum of ancient Egyptian art, with thousands of exhibits from all eras of antiquity. Our focus is primarily on the famous finds from the tomb of Tut-Ench-Amun, which testify to the immeasurable wealth of the pharaohs. For an extra fee, a visit to the mummy hall is also possible. The walk through the narrow streets of the Khan el Khalili bazaar immerses you in colors and scents: you have arrived in the unmanageably lively world of the Orient. The evening is at leisure. The night in the hotel as the day before.

[Day 3 / Day 2 Cairo]
Memphis and Sakkara

Today you embark on a contemplative tour into the past off Cairo. The two historic sites of Memphis and Sakkara are located three kilometers apart, about 25 km south of the metropolis. Memphis was once capital in the Old Kingdom at the interface between Lower and Upper Egypt. What remains of the place is very tranquil: surrounded by palm trees you can expect the Alabaster sphinx and the lying colossus of Ramses II. In Sakkara, embedded in the desert, stands the stepped pyramid of the Djoser, built according to plans of the Imhotep. She is the precursor of the classic pyramids and one of the oldest stone buildings in the world. We will guide you through one of the tombs (mastaba) for nobles and high officials. You will encounter fascinating portrayals of scenes from the everyday life of ancient Egypt and are vividly translated into the life of the then upper class. After a gentle plunge into the past, in the evening the pulse of Cairo will bring you back to the present.

[Day 3 / Day 1 Luxor]
Domestic flight to Luxor

After this interesting day of sightseeing in Cairo, we will take a domestic flight to Luxor, where again a English/German-speaking tour guide waits to receive you in person. Transfer to your hotel in Luxor and overnight.

[Day 4 / Day 2 Luxor]
Thebes West with Valley of the Kings

Once in the Valley of the Kings walk, in the most famous burial ground in world history, embedded in a lunar landscape of sand and stone: a dream come true. Located on the west bank of the Nile opposite Luxor, Thebes West offers a variety of beguiling sights and ancient sites. Our excursion will take you to the famous Memnon Colossi, the only surviving witness of what is believed to be Egypt's largest mortuary temple ever destroyed by an earthquake. In the Valley of the Kings are the resting places of the Pharaohs of the New Kingdom, under whose rule Egypt experienced a heyday of high civilization. Hardly any other place in Egypt has more legends than this valley. The rich in wealth grave Tut-Ench-Amun is located here. In Deir el-Bahari is the magnificent temple of the Pharaoh Hatshepsut, one of the most beautiful temples in Egypt and a peculiarity in the Egyptian architecture. The style of the idiosyncratic limestone construction looks almost modern. Its appearance, with the broad straight as access and the massif rising behind it, is undoubtedly a total work of art that is almost incomprehensible with language. Entry into three graves is included in the excursion package. The tomb of Tut-Ench-Amun, however, is - if open - to visit only for an extra charge. After the trip back to Luxor there is time for a stroll on the Nile promenade or a carriage ride. You stay at the hotel the same as the day before.

[Day 5 / day 1 sailing cruise]
Luxor - Karnak - Esna

The complex of Karnak, located about three kilometers north of Luxor on the banks of the Nile, is one of the most powerful architectural manifestations of humanity and is one of the largest religious buildings in the world with 40 hectares. The imposing colonnades, obelisks and pylons represent a kaleidoscope of 2000 years of art history. The Temple of Luxor, in the middle of the city on the waterfront, was the scene of Amenhotep III. and Ramesses II in honor of the gods Amun, Mut and Chons. Even today's ruins testify to the magnificence of the work.

After the sightseeing drive (about 1 hour) to Esna. Arriving at the jetty, the captain welcomes you aboard his Dahabeya and as soon as everyone is on board the anchor is lifted. Already the Dahabeys glides silently over the Nile with hoisted sails. You drive to a small island and dock there for the first night.

[Day 6 / day 2 sailing cruise]
Edfu - Horus Temple

The mystic powers that have been attributed to the Nile for thousands of years, will certainly make you sleep well on the Dahabeya. Enjoy the first rays of sunshine coming in through the round window. You can also enjoy the tranquility on the deck. Soon the lines are released and the Dahabeya sets in motion without a sound. Near the small town of Edfu, you will stop this morning to explore one of the best-preserved cult temples in Egypt. The Horus Temple was named after the god with the falcon head. On the banks of the Nile, the Dahabeya is already waiting at your current place of stay.

[Day 7 / day 3 sailing cruise]
Gebel El Silsila - Kom Ombo

After breakfast, continue on the Dahabeya. Enjoy the refreshing wind and watch the flapping sails. At the excavations of Gebel El Silsila and the Temple of Pharaoh Horemheb, the Dahabeya lands on the shore and you take a trip. The centuries-old pits are certainly worth a visit. The huge boulders for the temple complex of Karnak were cut out here. For lunch, return aboard the ship and sail to the height of the Nile Cruise: the TempeL of Haroeris and Sobek at Kom Ombo. The temples, unlike many others, are still at their original location near the Nile River. It will offer you a unique panorama: The Nile with its fertile shores and the impressive sandstone temples against the bright blue sky.

[Day 8 / day 4 sailing cruise]
Sailing to Aswan

Today you reach Aswan, the land of the Nubians. You take a trip to the built in 1971 Nasser dam on Lake Nasser and the Philae Temple on the island of Agilkia. Alone the crossing on a traditional Felukke is an experience. The view from the water on the mausoleum of Aga Khan III. round off the day filled with sensuality, which you can end with a stroll through the bazaar of Aswan.

[Day 9 / day 5 sailing cruise]
Aswan at your disposal - with excursion to Abu Simbel (bookable on site)

On this day at leisure you have the opportunity to participate in a trip to Abu Simbel. We start very early in the morning so you can experience the sunrise in the desert. Abu Simbel is located about 280 kilometers south of Aswan at the Nasser reservoir. The rock temple of Ramses II, rescued here from the floods and rebuilt, is an overwhelming testimony to the ancient Egyptian civilization and certainly a highlight of any trip to the Nile. The magnificent temple complex is the largest monument in Nubia and impresses with its majestic colossal statues towering into the sky. No less imposing is the Hathor temple. Overnight after returning to the ship.

[Day 10 / day 6 disembarkation]
End of the round trip

Disembarkation. Depending on the booking, transfer to the airport of Assuan and return to the home airport or by domestic flight (via Cairo) to the booked hotel on the Red Sea. The remaining days are at your disposal for recreation. At the end of the beach holiday, transfer to Hurghada / Sharm El Sheikh airport and return to your home base.

Included (inclusive) services:
✔ All mentioned domestic flights acc. program
✔ Accommodation and meals according to the itinerary
✔ All transfers on the spot in an air-conditioned coach
✔ English/German speaking tour guide
✔ Airport & Security Fees / Taxes

Not included (exclusive) services:
✔ Scheduled flight to Cairo and back in Economy Class
✔ Visa including handling fees & handling (€ 35.00 per person) to be paid locally
✔ Tips "baksheesh" on the boat (about 35.00 € per person in advance) to pay locally
✔ Expenses of a personal nature
✔ travel insurance

On request bookable additional services:
2 days Cairo excursion package 100,00 Euro per person (as described)
Excursions in Luxor and during the sailing cruise) 160,00 Euro per person (according to description)

Changes can occur:
- at the booked sailing ship. Which sailing ship is used on which weekdays, depends on the booking volume and is accordingly decided last minute. Mostly it is the model advertised in the program. In exceptional cases, an equivalent ship from another shipping company will be used. The equipment in detail may differ from the description, the star class is identical.

- Order of sightseeing may change. Furthermore, low or high water can affect the cruise. The program content remains the same. All visits are carried out. Even the optional program remains untouched. Only the sequence or the order of visits can change.

- more info: No alcoholic drinks are served / sold on Dahabeya. You can, however, take alcohol on board.Dahabeyas have no engine and are therefore accompanied by a small tractor, which is used when needed. The Dahabeya is supplied with electricity by a generator. It is open from 7:00 to 23:00 and will be switched off during the night. However, the kitchen and the lighting in the cabins are also supplied with electricity at night.

Your tour guide in Luxor will explain the itinerary to you in detail at the beginning of the cruise. Please also note our extensive hints and tips on travel to Egypt, so that you can go just as relaxed as expectantly on the journey.

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