Visa process is the necessary evil that travel addicts have to pass through every now and then to feed theirtravel hunger. Currently “most” of embassies don’t make interviews as we apply in a middle-man office that just takes our documents and transfer them to the embassies. So, the documents play here the main role in assisting with the consulates decisions.

 I have been for 3 years now dealing with these embassies and I have seen almost everything in visa hassles and later I will write an article about how to take long Schengen visa as shown in the picture.

For now, here are 5 Don’ts when applying for Schengen, US & UK visa:

1. Don’t outsmart consultaes
Some people deposit a huge amount in bank account before embassy’s interview appointment.
Embassies may interpret this as an outsmarting trial and will fear that traveler will withdraw this amount right after taking the visa

2. Don’t submit documents  those don’t make sound
The embassy should feel a coherence in the submitted documents. Here are examples of cases those embassies may not believe:
i. Applying for 20 days trip in one city (in an attempt to get longer visa duration)
ii.  Bank statement with small figure and getting hotel booking in one of the best resorts in the city

3. Don’t ignore details
Ensure that travel dates written in the application are same of hotel + flight bookings and that these are same dates stated in your HR letter and health insurance (in Schengen embassies).

4.  Don’t provide your bank statement only 
If this is an option, take your parents’ bank statements too. Show the embassy that you can afford the trip and if you need more funding, you have got coverage.

5. Don’t lie 
If you are asked whether you had a previous rejection and you have had, just say it. Sometimes embassies are asking questions that they know their answers in advance.

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By M. Elzomor

Zomor is co-owner in Rotana Egypt Travel. His current thesis is “Does traveling provide the ultimate happiness?” 

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