The Guide for Egyptian Travel Addicts to Survive these Days

I woke up a couple of days ago to the news "Egyptian Currency Devaluation".
Although that may benefit our country' economy on the long run, it still hurts. I am not going to go into our daily life impact, I will tackle how can we react in terms of feeding our travel hunger in the coming days. 

I believe this is a cycle we have to encounter every time we are disappointed:

Bad News > Shock/Disappointment > Accepting > Adapting > Changing

Step 1 Adapt
Now, it is a fact that a trip cost increased about 70% of its cost few days ago. But we have to accept, adapt, think differently and change our habits.

Step 2 Plan Ahead
No shame to plan 5-6 months in advance. At the moment I am writing these words (5th November 2016) we have received request from German tourists requesting packages’ rates for Egypt in October 2017.
We don’t have the luxury to book last minute anymore; we need to book on the cheapest available flight ticket class and benefit from early-bird’s offers as much as possible.

Step 3 Change your Daily Lifestyle
Most of Egyptian travelers are living a luxurious life style whether they confess it or not. Just take 5 minutes and think; 

- How many meals can we prepare at home rather than ordering them in restaurants/ cafes?  
e.g. breakfast at work, post workout shakes, dinner with friends in hangouts etc.

- How many stuff we buy them because we like them but we don’t NEED them? 
e.g. last pair of sneakers, i-ph*ne 7, car accessories etc.

-How many things we buy/do to feed our ego rather than reach our goal?
“Don’t have $100 shoes and a 10 cent squat” - Louie Simmons. Got it?

Done? I bet you can save around EGP 1,000 monthly. In a year that grants you, 2 roundtrip flight tickets to many cities in Europe.

Step 4 Change your Traveling Expenditure
Strive for new experience rather than places worth Instagram selfies. Satisfy your travel hunger, don’t waste 3 days out of your 7 days trip in shopping
If you were assigning EUR 2,000 for shopping, let them be EUR 750 and book activities and tours for the rest of money. Activities may change your mentality, provide you with a long lasting happiness and boost your mood. New clothes are still vital but it is high time to write a shopping list instead of just walking over and pick whatever you like.

*While we are sharing our thoughts of how to satisfy our wants, please don’t forget the less fortunate people

By Muhamed Elzomor

Zomor is co-owner in Rotana Egypt Travel. He is travelling, learning and thinking all the time to find the answer; why God created him?

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