The Northern Lights FAQs

Recently, we have released our first ever Northern Lights program and since then we got many questions so here is a list of FAQs to make it a bit more clear.

1. What are The Northern Lights?
A. They are epic natural phenomena of Green skylights those usually appear in the Scandinavian countries at the night sky between the end of August and Early April. 

2. Where do they come from?
A. There are a number of myths & tales such as they are spirits moving to heaven or that they are sparks from foxes’ tail hitting a fell’s top. Now more scientific one, scientists believe that they are caused by the power of solar wind hitting Earth’s upper atmosphere at an average 100 km up in the sky. Then Earth’s magnetic field sends electrons from the sun directly to magnetic North in the magnetosphere to be specific.  In case you understood nothing, you are not alone mate.

3. Do you guarantee that we will see them in your program?
A. Although we rank our trips & travel consultants 2nd to none, when it comes to natural phenomena only God can guarantee it : )
What we can guarantee:
i. We will chase them by snowmobiles, husky dogs, camping for a while in the wild, snowshoeing & anyway you can rent Northen-lights Alarm from our hotel which sneezes as soon as Northern lights appear no matter what time is it.
ii. We are already in 1 of the best zones with the least pollution in the world so, with a bit of luck, they are highly likely to appear.
iii. Anyway, the overall experience will exceed your expectations

4. What visa is required?
A. Our program is in Finland and it is Schengen visa 

5. Ain’t program a bit overpriced?
A. You can have a look at all our programs & trips. We fairly price them; you can book London in Christmas for EGP 13,800 including flight tickets. Enough said?

This program includes all activities, full board during the 3 days in the wild & generally speaking Scandinavian countries are some of the most expensive in the world.  It is A-Z program even winter special clothing rental fees is included.

6. What would be the temperature?
A. We are not into digits but do you know the feeling of your hands in the freezer? It is colder : )

7. What kind of clothes should I bring?
A. We will already provide you: overalls, boots, wool socks, gloves, balaclava & a hat. But you should get good base & thermals as well; thermal underwear, fleece jacket, wool sweater, wool socks, lighter clothes (as sometimes weather is not that extreme).

If you have any more questions, contact us on
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