What kind of traveler are you?

In world full of travel geeks; free souls that quit everything to smell a pinch of freedom while exploring everything behind their comfort zone; plenty of personalities meet, capture memories together and take a glimpse of one another. 
Lives change with an essence of an adventurous experience, romantic destination or that one country you believe you have left your heart in.
No matter where you have traveled, or where is your coming destination; you will probably meet one of these travelers on your journey and with no doubt; you are one of them too!

1. The Conformist
The Conformist voyages not for individual fulfillment but rather for social acknowledgment. Destinations are looked over a constrained, unoriginal, class-decided table d'hôte menu. The fact of the matter isn't the place you've been yet what your companions think about where you've been.

2. Cultural explorer 
You look for chances to grasp, find and drench yourself in the way of life, individuals and settings of the spots you visit. Not a substance to simply visit noteworthy locales and watch from the sidelines, you need to be a dynamic member. You frequently endeavor to talk with local people, go to nearby festivals and go out of the way to find how individuals genuinely live.

3.The Thrill- Seeker
Something of a rush looking for epicurean, travel fulfills your voracious requirement for the energizing and the extraordinary. You like the best of everything and need to be encompassed by other people who feel the same way. You have a ton of vitality and need to see and do everything. Youthful or youthful on the most fundamental level, you go for the rush and enthusiastic charge of doing things. You can't stay at home!

4. Rejuvenator 
For you, travel is an opportunity to thoroughly detach and simply make tracks in an opposite direction from it all. All you need to do is rest and revive. You normally take short get-aways to commonplace spots. While you may search out destinations with a couple fascinating things to see and do, you don't need an excessively wild calendar of occasions. All things considered, travel is intended to unwind, not additional work.

5. Budget Traveler
The budget traveler is somebody hoping to put the "Reasonable" in Affordable Tours. Whether out of need or as a test, the spending get-away calls for adaptability, leaving numerous components impromptu, so that the vacationer can appreciate the greatest number of free or cheap exercises as he or she can find.

6. Group Traveler
The group traveler appreciates the social parts of going as much as whatever else. He/ She just once in a while voyages alone, additionally agrees to gathering visits, where they may have the capacity to meet and connect with different voyagers.

7. Authentic Experiencer
You appreciate utilizing the majority of your sensory faculties when you investigate and truly become more acquainted with the spots you visit. You rapidly adjust to individual difficulties and dangers, effortlessly making sense of how to benefit as much as possible from each circumstance. You need to be completely inundated as far as you can tell and tend to avoid bunch visits and unbending arrangements.

8. The Occasional
There for a reason - an occasion, a vacation, a do, a football match.

9. The Collector
He or she goes with an absolutely figurative blunderbuss or bullwhip - or, rather, butterfly net, washing it along these lines and that keeping in mind the end goal that is to get together unprecedented encounters in off the beaten path places. Once got, these are carefully stuck in memory and gladly shown in discussions. Like a real researcher, The Collector takes pleasure in the verse and accuracy of legitimate names.

10. The Wanderer
You acknowledge everything as it comes to you. You have a general thought of where you need to stay and what you need to see, however, you'll make sense of it when you arrive. More than once your more sorted out travel accomplices have said they are going to put a leash on you.

By Nourhan Osama
Nourhan is always googling "Happiness" and won't stop seeking it. A typical #Virgo and definitely you know the rest.
Her Favorite Quote: "Well behaved women, rarely make history." - Eleanor Roosevelt

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