Interview with video bloggers JEFF and ANNE

The American and French couple made the most of Egypt in just 48 hours; varying from getting inside the great Pyramid, visiting Memphis, Saqqara pyramid, enjoying horse riding, getting on sand dunes, chilling on one of the best roof tops in Cairo, shhhelebrating and lastly, Anne said “Yes” .

1.Firstly, Anne why just 48 hours in Cairo?

A. We decided to go to Cairo for 48 hours only because we both work full time in Dubai and can’t take unlimited holidays, even though this would be our dream! I have never been to Egypt before and I was fascinated by the country and its history, so we decided to spend a short time in Egypt and make the most of it. Our guide Mahmoud has been incredible in showing us the best places and being a source of awesome information about Egypt!

2. How did you feel inside the Great pyramid?
A.Well, to be honest, it was a bit scary at some point, especially during the few minutes where you have to walk/crawl inside the pyramid. But I’m so happy we did it, what a feeling to be standing in the middle of the Great Pyramid of Giza, something I’ve always wanted to do! 
After we did, we binge watched documentaries about the Pyramids and still can’t even begin to understand how they were built!

3. What were your expectations vs. reality?
A. I was expecting to find a country with beautiful roots and amazing people, as we both know many awesome Egyptian people in Dubai where we live. We were not disappointed! The few locals we’ve met have been nothing but awesome, and Mahmoud was a great part in organising the secret proposal from Jeff, so we can’t thank him enough. We will remember this trip our whole life! The food was fantastic (Falafels anyday), the views breathtaking, the people incredibly warm and welcoming, and all we want to do now is plan another trip to see the other parts of Egypt!

4. What is so different in Egypt that made Jeff say “Egypt is the most fascinating country on earth”??
A. We have been particularly mesmerised by the ancient hieroglyphics, and the pyramids. It’s a bit cliche, but this is such great heritage, and I could listen to the stories that go along with them forever. Especially coming from Dubai where everything is quite new, finding out more about Egyptian culture and history was absolutely incredible. 
We have discussed the Pyramids during long hours, trying to figure them out, but the secrets they contain makes them even more fascinating and mysterious, and you will find thing nowhere else on Earth. I mean, we are talking about the last standing among the 7 wonders of the world! 

5. Finally, what is remaining on your bucket list Anne?
A. There is a lot on our bucket list, and it keeps growing. The Pyramids were a huge check for me as it was a childhood dream to come and explore them. That is a memory I will cherish forever.
On the bucket list now are skydiving (I’m terrified of heights), having our friends and family around us when we get married this summer, and visiting as many countries as we can, while showing as many people as we can that they shouldn’t listen to media but go out there for themselves and experience the real world. It is beautiful after all!

Thank you for your time Anne and looking forward to your next visit to Egypt.

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